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A collection of testimonials and recommendations from colleagues past and present. 

If I had to describe Kayla in one word it would be “ENERGY!” and definitely with the exclamation mark. Not only is she extremely intelligent but she is absolutely fearless and will dive with enthusiasm into any task, particularly a challenging one. On our team, Kayla became the expert in Adobe Experience Manager templates and components within a matter of weeks and is the go to for any AEM questions from business users. Positive, fun to work with, a joy.
— James Young, Digital Marketing and Web Product Owner
Kayla has boundless energy and enthusiasm and is always eager to help out. I worked directly with Kayla on content marketing at Litmus and she was great, whether it was managing our upcoming content, doing search engine optimization, writing a blog post, or editing and doing QA on a blog post or report. She has a keen understanding of grammar and repeatedly helped me tighten up my writing. I was so impressed with her editing skills that I chose her as the copy editor for the 3rd edition of my book, “Email Marketing Rules,” which is nearly 500-pages long. She did an outstanding job!

Kayla also ran much of our social media operations at Litmus, crafting tweets and post language and scheduling content. She helped start our Instagram account and spearheaded our first uses of Facebook Live. It was a pleasure working with Kayla. She never let me down.
— Chad S. White, Author and Research Director
There are people I’ve worked next door to that I hardly remember and then there is Kayla, who despite being in Boston has become someone who really matters to my team. Kayla has a surprisingly broad array of skills for someone with her level of experience and a sharp intellect that allows her to rapidly develop new ones.
— Ian Armstrong, UX Designer
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kayla for nearly 1.5 years at Litmus. Kayla is one of the most energetic and passionate people that I have ever met. She dives head first into every project she’s working on and goes above and beyond expectations. If Kayla is working on a task, you know it will be done well. She’s thorough, creative, and a pleasure to work with. Kayla would be a great asset to any team, and I highly recommend her.
— Lauren Smith, Product Marketer
Kayla’s greatest assets is her ability to take an abstract idea or goal, understand its complexity, and brainstorm all of the ways that we can move forward. She takes great initiative and comes back to the team with a deck full of ideas that are very well thought out. As an added bonus, Kayla has incredible energy and optimism, which makes her an awesome coworker.
— Rebecca Salmaso, Sales Enablement Professional
Kayla was a fantastic addition to our freelance writing team at now.space, an online publication about space news that was shut down on July 1st, 2017. Kayla excelled at everything an editor expects (and hopes for) from a freelance writer: interesting, thoughtful, well-researched, and timely pitches; polished writing, good communication, and an ability to adhere to deadlines. I give Kayla my highest recommendation!
— Heather D'Angelo, Editor
Kayla has been a huge asset to my team of news bloggers at Her Campus. I can always count on her to turn in an excellent, original blog post with near-perfect copy. Because of her background studying government, she’s been invaluable as we cover the 2016 presidential election—She turned around an amazing explainer about voting in the primaries in a matter of hours. Kayla is a reliable, creative and enthusiastic writer, and I can’t recommend her highly enough.
— Katherine Mirani, News Editor at Her Campus Media
Kayla was a great addition to the editorial team at Colby (College) Magazine. She is focused, hard-working, and organized. In addition to those process-related skills, Kayla provided creative energy and ideas. She was a strong contributor at staff meetings/brainstorming sessions. By having her as part of our creative process, we produced a better magazine with both her ideas and her own writing included.
— Gerry Boyle, Managing Editor at Colby Magazine

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