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Expertise: Disney, Europe, New England, Outdoors, Hiking, Skiing, Swimming, Scuba Diving, Running/Fitness

ZanY events help amateurs feel like pros, GOOD 

These themed running events have captured the magic formula to draw both pro athletes and amateurs alike, from runDisney to Tough Mudder. (Good Magazine, Nov 2016)

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How to plan the perfect disney vacation, fodor's

When it comes to a Disney vacation, a little planning can go a long way. Disney vacations have a special magic about them—a magic your kids will long remember. (Fodor's, Sept 2016)

The Best restaurants in new england, Tasting table

Sample some of the best eats New England's Upper Valley has to offer, a region nestled in the Green Mountains of eastern Vermont and western New Hampshire. (Tasting Table, April 2017)

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the caribbean's invasive species issue, the kitchn

How environmental activists, scuba divers, and chefs come together to rid the region of the lionfish, an invasive species that destroys coral reef ecosystems. (The Kitchn, July 2016)

DIY Pizza night, spoonful Magazine

Say no to takeout with this how-to guide for making your own brick-oven style pizza, no brick oven required. Plus, how to get your guests in on the fun! (Spoonful Magazine, Oct 2016)

6 Wined Up Italian DisHES, Paste Magazine

Italian food is the ultimate comfort food. Get ready to say “buon appetito” to these classic Italian dishes that have wine as the not-so-secret ingredient. (Paste Magazine, Feb 2017)

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B2B & Business Writing

Expertise: Strategy, Marketing, Content Marketing, Writing, Email Marketing, Social Media, SEO, Growth Marketing

How to Write email copy like a human, litmus marketing blog

Adding emotion and building a human connection can happen anywhere—even in your emails. How to turn the mundane into delightful. (Litmus, Aug 2016) 

Show off company culture with social media, sprout social

Experiment with these social media techniques to show off your company culture across various channels and attract top-notch talent. (SproutSocial, Oct 2016)

Social media and On-site conversion: How they work together, privy blog

Cross-channel marketing can be tricky to coordinate. Here's how to make your on-site conversion work with your social media program. (Privy, Nov 2017)

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Health, Wellness, & Lifestyle Writing

I Took a walking break every day at work, prevention

A personal essay detailing my experiment with taking a 20 minute walking break every day at work for a month, and what I learned. (Prevention, Oct 2016)

How much sleep should you really be getting in your 20s, Her campus

That college all-nighter schedule just won't work anymore. A guide for college aged-women on how much sleep is the right amount. (Her Campus, Dec 2015)

4 Ways To manage stress before starting a new job, ivy exec

Making the leap into a new position can be stressful, but only if you let it. Here are tried-and-true tips for starting your new job de-stressed. (Ivy Exec, Mar 2016)

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