How To Know When It's Time To Start Something New

A year ago, it all started with a tiny, nagging thought: "I have all of these ideas at work, but..."

There were a lot of "buts." 

I accepted it as fact. I let myself be convinced that if I just waited, there would be a place and time and atmosphere where those "buts" would magically disappear.

Waiting doesn't do anyone any good.

My family friend said to me,

If you have all these ideas, share them. Tell the world. Do some research, and write what you know.

Put myself out there? Actually write what I'm learning, thinking, and doing? The mean girl voice in my head said, "Yeah right. Nobody cares." Imposter syndrome at its finest.

But I shook it off and I started to write. And little by little, the ideas started to tumble out. 

I started to read, too. Everything I could get my hands on about marketing and business.

I followed their advice and started writing about what I knew: Optimism, working remotely, and project management, to name a few. And even as I've blogged this past year about everything from SEO keywords to how to fail better, I know there's a lot out there to learn.

I am so grateful that I had someone in my life to give me the metaphorical push off the cliff. I'm here to do the same for you.

Your Turn

When you have ideas, make something happen. Maybe it's not something that will happen at work, so turn it into a side hustle. Do it for you, because you have an idea, opinion, or a passion, not for anyone else.

After starting this blog, I was able to successfully switch jobs and start freelance writing all over the Internet—something I wouldn't have thought possible a year ago.

What's your big idea? Don't let anything stop you. You never know what it will turn into.