Hitting The Moments

Social media is a snapshot, a fleeting glimpse into someone's life. Whether that's last night's amazing-can't-believe-you-missed-it party or the perfect meal, we use social media to show off our favorite moments during the day. This is especially true for visual-only mediums like Snapchat and Instagram.


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Yeah, you want to be Taylor Swift. #squad goals. She makes every moment in her life something worth watching. If social media is a snapshot, then you have to hit the moments.

Anticipate Human Moments

With social media for business, it's a little less clear how to hit those moments. We're not necessarily glamorous celebrities with model friends.

When we work, we stare at a computer. Yes, there's great collaboration that goes on, but generally, unless you're a super-hip startup with dogs everywhere or crazy workspaces, there might not be a lot to show. 

Serious coffee-loving perks over at the Wistia office.

Don't forget the human moments that make up your day and turn it from "Yeah, whatever, I had work," to "We got these awesome things done today!"  This helps a lot if you love your job, but even if you don't, social media has never been about authenticity. It's about crafting the best version of your brand. 

That's not to say you shouldn't be authentic; I think the best use of social media in business isn't staged or fake. Instead, it's about finding the most positive moments during the day and capturing them as they unfold. Like a journalist, a savvy social media marketer needs to see the amazing-can't-believe-you-missed-it moment before it actually happens.

Kudos to the well-trained Disney staffer who caught my friends and I SO happy to see Winnie-the-Pooh.

Kudos to the well-trained Disney staffer who caught my friends and I SO happy to see Winnie-the-Pooh.

Dig Deeper To Make A Connection

So much of social media is superficial, poised, perfect. Take the Humans of New York Model to heart: show what makes us human. Dig deeper into the personalities behind your brand, and don't be afraid to get silly or serious, whatever it calls for. Visual mediums are a great way to showcase more color (literally and figuratively) behind the brand, give a peek behind-the-scenes, and move beyond canned Tweets or Facebook posts.

"I finished Pre-K. The best part was playing and having friends. The worst part was doing work because that's boring."

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Community Building Starts With Everyone

That means it doesn't have to be you providing the content. Open it up to your community and you'll find the story you weave to be even more powerful than if you took control of the entire narrative. 

Related: Encouraging Employee Advocacy

Opening up your social media presence to others—your employees, your influencers, or your customers—adds a sense of credibility. We interact with brands on social media so often that it's more refreshing to see a brand loosen their strict control over their "image." 

This example from SoulCycle's Instagram—a brand already known for its cult-like status—showcases an image from one of its franchises (Beacon Hill, which happens to be my Soul studio) as well as a Boomerang video from one of their instructors. This wasn't from corporate, wasn't planned, but by encouraging employees to show off, they've come away with an awesome image, one that definitely made me pause in my Insta feed.

Social media holds so many possibilities because there's so many moments in the day worth capturing. Find the snapshots and hit the moments—that's the best way to build an amazing brand image.