Business Is Not a Team Sport

It's an individual one.

While we collaborate, work in lockstep, sync up, or whatever other buzzword you want to use to show you're working together, it's not really a "team" sport. 

Business is more like an endurance sport like swimming, nordic skiing, or track. You've got your team (and they've got your back) but at the end of the day, when the gun goes off, it's YOU that has to make the difference. 

If you think that you're playing soccer or football or volleyball instead, you'll sit there waiting for a pass that will never come. You'll be wide open, waving your arms frantically, saying "Pick me! Pick me!" but that ball will never come your way.

The best way to build the team up is to perform your absolute best at your specific tasks. In swimming, that meant I went as hard as I could, as fast as I could, for every race--leaving it all in the pool. If I could win my event (or at least come close) then that puts the team one step closer to winning the meet.

Just because it's an individual sport doesn't mean teamwork isn't important. It's a different type of teamwork. In business, we have to win our events. Whether that's email marketing, troubleshooting with a customer, working remotely, balancing the budget, or making the sale, we all have to win what we do best. That's teamwork. That's how the whole team wins.

Pushing to be your best and contributing everything you've got to the team is essential. Don't wait for that pass that won't come. Go out there and do your thing.