The 6 People You Need On Every Project

Avengers, assemble!

Well, putting together a project team may not have the epic catchphrase, but it's the same idea. Just as each Avenger brings his or her unique personality, skills, and superpowers to the team, you must choose an equally great mix of people to build successful projects.

1. The Brains Behind the Operation

This is your idea-generator. The one who does the research and knows what's possible and what's not. This person gives your team the information they need to do their jobs most effectively (though hopefully with a little less snark than Tony Stark). This person makes the intellectual connections  that take the project from execution to innovation.

PROS: Innovative, Smart, Analytical/Research Skills  

2. The Leader

This person inspires the team to do their jobs well, no matter what chaos is happening around them. Though they may be prone to fits of inspiring speeches or catchphrases, this is the one the team will turn to for direction when they're unsure of where to go next. This may or may not be the same person as the "designated" leader or the manager. They're the one that gets along with the whole group, as long as they respect their leadership.

PROS: Leadership, Inspiration, Direction 

3. The One With The Connections

This person knows how to get things done on a political level. They don't take no for an answer and know who to talk to and what to say to get others to go along with the vision of the team. They're also the ones to build up excitement around what your team is doing and gather the support necessary for the team to move forward. They're the people person who knows how to read the situation around them and help your team navigate through some of the corporate politics it takes to bring any project to life. 

PROS: Negotiation, Resources, Storytelling 

4. The Multi Tasker

This person can do it all. Whether that's building complicated excel sheets or writing a killer blog post, they'll take on anything and do it well. They have a wide and varying range of experience and skills, which make them good at pretty much everything you can throw at them. They don't have any specialties or superpowers, but fit wherever they're needed. 

PROS: Flexible, Generalist, Jumps In

5. The Behind-The-Scenes

This person may not be as noticed (particularly in contrast to The One With The Connections) but are integral in getting the project going. They're organized and effective project managers. They know how to operate under the radar and quickly, effectively execute. They're incredibly dependable and lack the flair or ego of the Brain that could bring down the project.

PROS: Execution, Organization, Introverted

6. The One Who Gets It Done, No Matter What

This person, bottom line, gets it done. It may take some brute force, but they'll push their way through any obstacle to make sure the project stays on track. They complete things on time and effectively--sometimes, too effectively. They may get incredibly frustrated at others' lack of perseverance, but at the end of the day, when no one else can deliver, this person will.

PROS: Completion, Persistence, Optimism

Every team needs people who have a little of all of these skills in them. It's up to you, as the leader, to cultivate each skill set and personality type appropriately and make sure the project completes its mission. 

This is definitely what all of your projects are like, right?

AND just for kicks, here's a fun personality quiz: Which Avenger Are YOU?