Ask KL: How to Create a Great Quote Image for Social Media

When it comes to social media, many people underestimate how much time and effort really goes into making content work. And while depending on your brand there are lots of different subjects you could feature, a great option (especially for B2B) is using quotes. 

Typically, quotes come in several categories: The inspirational quote, the content-driven quote, and the customer testimonial.

The good news: You don't have to be a designer to be able to create great images like these ones! They're super easy to do in services like Canva or with basic Photoshop knowledge. While I won't focus on the tactical how-to (there's plenty of guides out there for your tool of choice), here's some of my top tips on making a compelling image:

Find a Compelling (and Real) Quote

It's easy to find whatever you're looking for on the Internet. Just do a little bit of fact-checking before running with a particular inspiring quote to make sure it's real and you're attributing it to the right person. To do that, search for the quote in multiple places or from a reputable source like:

Give the Quote Some Space

It's tempting to want to put lots of decorative elements around your text to make it a real image. But the best quote images on social are just that—a cool background and the quote. There's no need to add tons of stuff into the image. It's better to let it breathe.

When there's only white or blank space in an image, this is called negative space. Adding negative space helps draw attention to what is important. Keep an eye on your borders and the space between your elements.

Minimalism. It's trendy.

Create Contrast with Your Color Palette

When putting together your quote, make sure to choose a color that stands out for your quote text. This means choosing colors on the opposite side of the color wheel or going with the old standbys—black or white. A good test? If you have to squint to read it (or the opposite: It gives you a headache) then it's probably not easy enough to read. 

It can be tricky if you want to have an image as your background—solve this by adding a white or black box underneath the text.

Include the Quote In the Caption

While this doesn't have to do with the image itself, it's good practice to put the quote in the caption. This makes it more accessible but it also can reiterate the message for anyone scrolling through. 

Mix It Into Your Real Images

Instagram is such a versatile medium that you don't want to overuse quotes or graphics. It's a great content format to experiment with, but like anything, don't overdo it. Mix it into your schedule of real images, behind the scenes shots, and other product images.