What I Learned From My First Whiteboard Wednesday

As a marketer, there's so many things to learn. Content, social, on-site conversion, advertising, email...the list goes on and on. With so much of our days focused on executing what matters, there's rarely time built in to learn.

That's why at Privy, we decided to consolidate the most important concepts of on-site conversion into two minute videos. Instead of being a talking head, we'll whiteboard out the concepts so you can immediately grasp what you need to know.

Being on camera for the first time in a while can give anyone the jitters. After 14 takes and a lot of curse words, here's what I learned for my first Whiteboard Wednesday.

1. Know Your Bad Habits


Having an extra person around for filming who's not holding the mike or watching the camera frame can be a big help. They'll point out your bad habits—for me, searching for my line on the ceiling and speaking waywaywaytoofast—and keep the production on track.

It also helps to have that authority there to determine if it was a "good" take or not, since they're only watching your performance.

2. Get A Marker


This one comes from our stellar graphic designer Meg, who's also in charge of our video editing. Filming lots of takes is a reality if you're a beginner (someday they'll call me Kayla "one take" Lewkowicz, but today is not that day). Editing is made much, much easier if it's clear where each take begins.

Then, once the take is called as a "good" take, write it down. When you're editing, all you have to look for is the "good" take, instead of watching each one over again and determining which is best.

Since they're super cheap to buy, the investment is worth it.

3. Keep the Beauty Essentials In The Office


We have a basket full of key makeup items to make sure everyone can jump on to camera if we need to. Yes, even guys have to wear makeup to look right on camera. Nothing fancy, just:

  • Concealer and powder in several skin tones
  • Blow dryer, hairbrush, and combs
  • Blotting papers
  • Lipstick and lip balm

4. Let the Rest of the Office Know You're Filming


Unless you have a soundproof studio, you'll probably be dealing with background noise. We film in one of our conference rooms with a full setup, but it's not quite soundproof. Investing in an on-air sign (even a handmade one on paper) goes a long way.

It's a good idea to post to Slack or whatever internal communication tool you use to let the office know if they need to take a call or otherwise make noise to wait an hour. We make sure our calendars are public so it's clearly marked when we're filming.

5. Don't Forget Behind-the-Scenes Fun

I love when brands peel back the curtain and showcase their activities behind-the-scenes. Filming is a great subject for social media because there's usually something funny (hello, blooper reel!) and setups just look cool. 

Make sure while you're filming to snap a few pictures of the setup, the person on camera, and any other shenanigans that might occur to promote the email and show off your brand personality.

I'm sure there will be many more learnings as we continue to film each week. In the meantime, catch my first episode here:


Or follow along on Privy's blog. As we say when filming, that's a wrap!