Why Is Editing So Emotional?

Whether you write every day, put together powerpoint presentations, or plow through spreadsheets, you probably go through a review process. With yourself, with several others, with your bosses, or with your peers. 

Each time a piece goes in for edits, it doesn't get any easier. It feels like when a mother drops off their child at preschool for the first time. It's a goodbye.

Whoever cast Eddie Murphy in Mulan was a genius.

Whoever cast Eddie Murphy in Mulan was a genius.

I struggle with this each time a piece goes in for edits. The practical, rational side of me says "This is just a blog post/document/spreadsheet," but each time I see the dreaded red pen (metaphorically, since it's all type now), it feels like failure. How could it not be completely perfect the first time? The irrational, angry, small part of the brain rears its ugly head.

Talk about vulnerable.

The closer we get to failure, the harder it gets to change. But if we don't let go, our work will never get to the next level. We always say "two heads are better than one," so why would it be any different in a creative field? Creating something as a team combines your collective powers to take whatever you're building and do it better. Basically...

It's an act of vulnerability to send something you've spent time creating into the hands of others who smash it and tear it apart. But in the end, you build something better. I'm not sure if I should learn to clear my chakras or become one with the editing process, but we all have to put our big kid pants on and get it done.

Now, someone has to edit this blog post...