5 Marketing Blogs You Should Read Every Morning

Besides mine, of course! 

Joking aside, the Internet is awash in content. So much that it can be difficult, nigh impossible, to wade through it all. But every time we open up our browser, we have a choice:

The red pill is educational, helpful, insightful news and information. We can learn about what's happening in the world, open ourselves up to social issues and debates, or spark a new idea or initiative. Create a paradigm shift in how you think things work.

The blue pill? That's cat videos. 

You're welcome.

Anyway, there's nothing wrong with using the Internet to escape (yes, social media is part of that). Wifi sucks you in because you can use it to be somewhere else, instead of in the present.

Every morning, I try to choose the red pill and learn something before I begin my endless scrolling on social. Here's what I read (and what I'd recommend for you, too)

Inbound Marketing: Hubspot's Marketing Blog

I tend to start my day with Hubspot because their marketing blog pretty much covers everything I do during the day! As the leaders in inbound marketing, their blog is full of really actionable tips and tricks and includes guest bloggers from all over the industry. 

Typical content and topics include:

  • General marketing best practices
  • Diving into different aspects of inbound marketing tactics. Can be anything from email to content to SEO to social and more
  • Connecting marketing to sales and other cross-channel campaigns
  • Productivity, career, and management
  • A weekly "from the archives" post of great content I might have missed (since I've only been subscribing for less than a year!)

Want more great Hubspot content? I attended #Inbound15 last year and put together my most inspiring quotes.

Inspiration and General Marketing: Seth Godin

Seth Godin adds a dose of inspiration each morning in my inbox. His posts tend to be plain text, short, and to the point, with one key idea to get you thinking for the day. Though it relates to marketing, you could really say his posts are more about business strategy and how we think about doing business, through a marketing lens. I use his posts to frame my thoughts, get the gears rolling, and question what I think I know about marketing.

He has no typical content or topics—though they all relate to marketing in some way, I never quite know what will land in my inbox, and that's what I love about Seth. You really should read his books. Like, all of them.

Email Marketing: Litmus Blog

Ok...I'm a little biased on this one. But since I'm not the only one that writes for the blog, I like to catch up on our latest posts and always look forward to our weekly newsletter (aptly titled Litmus Weekly). I still have so much to learn about the world of email! 

Typical content and topics include:

  • Email marketing best practices
  • Email inspiration and examples
  • How to's on designing emails and creating email marketing campaigns
  • Breaking down technical email terms and explaining them in ways anyone could understand
  • Email client news, updates, and market share data

For more Litmus love, check out one of my latest blog posts, How To Use Email Marketing To Support Your Next Event.

SEO and Analytics: Moz Blog

Moz is a fantastic resource for all things SEO and analytics. There's so much to learn about the topic and it's a constantly changing landscape, but what I love most is how they make things accessible to a beginner like me. As I learn more about keywords and how SEO works, I find it fascinating. Moz's contributors really break down the complicated stuff into easy-to-understand posts. They're richly detailed, too, so you can really dig into a topic.

Common topics and content includes:

  • Optimizing content for SEO
  • Google Analytics and measuring your value
  • Driving action/conversion
  • Growth hacking and SEO/SEM strategy
  • SEO + Social Media

I've written a quick post on what keywords are and what they can tell you, if you're interested in learning more about the subject.

Social Media Marketing: SproutSocial Leaflet

I use SproutSocial every day to manage our social media presence, so I care about what they're blogging about in case they're showcasing new features or tips and tricks. But often, rather than only writing about product, they provide a lot of helpful content about how to be a great social media manager, whether that's running social media contests or creating a solid content calendar. 

Typical content and topics include:

  • Social media channel copy
  • How to get started/accelerate your presence on current and new channels
  • Paid social media and advertising
  • Content curation, cadence, and calendar
  • Specific social campaigns and building more engagement
  • Product updates/features and tricks

Social media is often an overlooked or last-minute tool in a marketer's strategy because it's so difficult to cut through the noise. You can find all of my posts on social here. 

Start Your Morning Right

Now, this list definitely seems overwhelming for one morning, especially since this doesn't account for the general business content, morning news, and social scrolling! What makes more sense than trying to cram it all in every morning is scanning the subject lines for your favorite topic when they come in (all of these deliver blog posts usually before noon) and picking 1-2 to dive deeper. 

Alternatively, you can use a pinning system like Pocket or Pinterest to save articles you'd like to read later, and catch up on a lazy Sunday morning or during a lull at work. 

Add this blog to your reading list to get all the content right in your inbox.