Full title: CLAY WATER BRICK: Finding Inspiration From Entrepreneurs Who Do The Most With Least, Jessica Jackley

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Clay Water Brick tells the story of Jessica Jackley, cofounder of Kiva and unlikely entrepreneur. I bought this book immediately after hearing her speak at the MA Women's Conference because her story inspired me: she's a normal, average person, just like any of us. With great talent, of course. But the world did not unfold at her feet the way it has for many of the successful people who write books these days, and for that, I knew hers would be the one to read.

The heart of entrepreneurship is never about what we have. It’s about what we do.

The best part about her book is its focus on people and their stories. Much like the case study method, she presents stories of successful entrepreneurs across the developing world that have inspired and influenced her, and the lessons she drew. The connections she builds between these entrpreneurs and her own story made it a compelling, interesting read. 

I think the most important lesson I'll take from this book is that knowing yourself is the best way to move forward.  I particularly loved the story of a rickshaw ride gone rogue--or so she thought. The driver took his own, albeit winding, dark, and scary, path to get Jackley back to her hotel in Jaipur, India. Though it wasn't the way she expected (or was even on the map), they ended up beating her friends in a standard taxi by more than an hour. She says:

In following his own path, Raj had beaten everyone else. He reminded me that sometimes ignoring the crowd and finding your own way is the best strategy to get to your destination.

More than anything, she challenges the reader to define their story and what they care about, encouraging us all to take the courageous path, focusing not on what we have, but what actions we'll take.

This is the type of book you need to read, right now, because it will change the way you think--about poverty, about entrepreneurship, and about yourself.

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